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Accueil - The Lucernaire

The Lucernaire

The Lucernaire
Photo de l'intérieur du restaurant le lucernaire
Friday lunch

Our Friday lunch will take place at the Lucernaire restaurant. The information below was translated and adapted from the Lucernaire’s website.

The Lucernaire was created in 1969, and was then located rue d’Odessa, in the Montparnasse district; it was meant as a place where young talented artists could meet and imagine new forms of artistic expression. In 1977, however, due to the construction of the Montparnasse Tower, it had to move to its present location (53 rue Notre-Dame des Champs), half-way between the old Montparnasse district and the Jardin du Luxembourg, on the site of a former steel mill.

When stepping into the place, the visitor will certainly be surprised at seeing what looks like an old cobbled street, with a Wallace fountain, lamp posts and public benches. Today, however, the Lucernaire hosts three cinemas, three theatres, a bar and a restaurant; it also holds temporary contemporary art exhibitions.

The name — from the Latin word Lucernarium — refers to the period of the day when lamps were being lit; it is particularly suited to the lights associated with the theatre or the cinema.