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Accueil - The GERAS Doctoral Symposium

The GERAS Doctoral Symposium

The GERAS Doctoral Symposium

Since it was first organized in 2011, the GERAS doctoral symposium has attracted an ever larger audience: it is open to any GERAS member or anyone participating in the annual GERAS Conference, provided they understand French as the presentations and discussions are in French.

The goal of the symposium is to offer a platform to young researchers writing their doctoral dissertations or considering doing so.

The first part of the symposium is organized as a workshop, with 20-minute presentations by junior researchers, followed by 10-minute Q&A sessions. Every year, two doctoral students volunteer to organize the workshop; they also act as moderators.

The second part is devoted to a round table moderated by a Professor; it is an opportunity for young/junior researchers to ask more general questions linked with a researcher’s journey, from choosing a topic and writing a PhD dissertation, to preparing for — and overcoming the stress of — “D-Day” (D for Defense), and eventually applying for a lecturer’s job.